Octave Bandwidth 4GHz – 8.3GHz VCO

The broadband VCO GVO4083 tunes over the frequency range of 4,0GHz to 8,3GHz and features low phase noise and low power consumption, despite the over-octave wide tuning range. A built-in buffer amplifier minimizes load pulling and an integrated voltage regulator markedly reduces pushing and filtering complexity for low spurious content from a single +5V source.

For applications that require fast on/off switching of the VCO, a version without the internal voltage regulator can be supplied (GVO4083U), allowing switching times of under 5µSec.

The VCO comes as an SMD-Module with 18mm x 21mm x 4mm.


Available options:

U:      Fast On/Off switching (5µS) via Supply Voltage


Download GVO4083 Datasheet