Ultra Low-Noise C-Band Synthesizer CSYN5053-ULN

This extremely low-noise C-Band synthesizer covers the frequency range from 5.04GHz to 5.34GHz in 1Hz steps, generating a very stable and pure signal with +13dBm output power. Referred to the reference frequency (100MHz), its phase noise is lower than that of many crystal oscillators.

The provided reference input must be connected to a high grade 100MHz reference to leverage the full potential of the synthesizer.

Besides low phase noise and fine frequency resolution, the employed technology, in principle, also allows for high switching speeds in the microseconds range.

Frequency setting can either be done manually with limited resolution (100kHz) via four BCD switches or electronically with full resolution via a galvanically isolated (optocouplers) 3-wire interface. Other interfaces are available on request.

A status signal (TTL-level) monitors important modules of the frequency generating chain, signalling the lock-state of the synthesizer.

+5V and +15V supply voltages are required with power consumption of less than 6 Watt.


Download CSYN5053-ULN Datasheet