Oven-Stabilized Ultra Low Noise S-Band DRO for 2.998GHz

Developed for extremely jitter sensitive applications like electron beam accelerators, this voltage-controlled Dielectric-Resonator Oscillator delivers ultimate phase noise performance at 2.998GHz, comparable to quartz crystal oscillators.

With a high performance dielectric resonator at its heart, phase noise typically reaches ‑130dBc/Hz at 1kHz, ‑160dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and –180dBc/Hz in the noise floor, yielding attosecond jitter performance when integrated from 1kHz to 30MHz.

Double buffering on the output keeps pulling below 1ppm (typically) and a two tier voltage stabilization scheme virtually eliminates pushing.

The tuning port accepts 0..6V for a ±45kHz tuning range and easy integration into phase-locked loops.

The DRO runs off a single +5,7V supply and provides high internal power supply noise rejection to facilitate integration in noisy environments.

Furthermore, teperature stability is much improved by ovenizing the unit at a stable temperature of +35°C with a maximum heating power of 16.5 Watts (15V/1.1A).

Available options:

ALC:    Amplitude stabilization to ±0.1dB

Download GDRO2998 Datasheet